Happy Jazz Dance

In the ’Music-Dance show’ beautiful Charleston dancer ladies are joining the band.

The members of the Happy Jazz Dance dancegroup were dancing in the Savaria dancegroup specialized to standard and mainly Latin dance. They win many gold qualifications and first prices in this cathegory.

After the first invitation to make a show together our relationship involved to more concerts. This is how they got into the world of the charleston, the swing and the lindy. It wasn’t so far from their former dances,  because one element of ballroom dancing, the jive is built from these dances. The beautiful ladies in show are ‘slipping on banana peel’, ‘playing with hearts’, and they prove that it’s possible to dance while they are sitting.

It leads to a happy end, the jazz is played softly with Judit Zsdrál, Barbara Kiss, Daniella Farkasl, Anita Katnin and at last not least with Tamás Novák choreographer.