Dixie Kids

This is 50 minutes presentation for kids, where the student can learn about the roots and the history of jazz, and about the golden age of dixieland and swing. The audience – beside musical impessions – got many visual impressions too, and the guarantees for that are the costume and brand of the band, the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) devices used on the presentation, and our music history promenade, where we ’summon the spirit of Louis Armstrong’ who represent this gendre most. Our band has the goal to take care of the heritage of the Hungarian pop music. so for that in our repertoire we give place to nostalgia with Hungarian evergreens and old soundtracks – instrumentally and vocally too

These are the treasures and values of our nation, so it’s really important to us, that the new generatinon get to know it, meet this music culture. We belive that our programme for the youth is a good way to reach this goal. During the show we also play popular children song covers and songs from cartoons and animation movies.

Thanks to the music, rythm and improvisation games we play toghether, the kids will be active part of the presentation. We introduce them the instruments of the band (trumpet, drums, banjo, saxophone, clarinet, piano), and they can try those if they want to.

The members of the Happy Dixieland Band are excellent music teachers, they have many teaching experiences, so they find a way to the kids throught a presentation tha is fun, entertaining and also rich in knowledge. As teachers we consider the music education of the youth our purpose, our job, and our cultural mission.