We are a really happy dixie formation, and even the start was unusual. In 2011 we got a requst for a production in the style of the 20’s and 30’s. The members of our band have already played together in different bands, so making a new repertoire was a new challenge for us. Since than the Happy Dixie Land Band gave many hilarious concerts on different events, festivals, opening ceremonies, own concerts, in front of also Hungarian and foreign audience. Beside our excellent music quality our trademark is the authentic design, which refers to the twenties. Even the spectacle, the plaing of the musicians, and the well known and catchy unes provide great entertainment and and recreation for all age groups.


In our varied repertoire you can find the popular Dixieland and also Charleston and Boogie-woogie tunes, and even we give place to nostalgia with Hungarian and foreign evergreens and old soundtracks – instrumentally and vocally too. The band put the America of the swing era on to stage, and summon especially the spirit of Louis Armstrong.

The Happy Dixie Land Band is officially the Cultural Ambassador of town Hévíz since 18 July 2016.